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Declaration on Education for Earth Trusteeship

Declaration on Education for Earth Trusteeship

The Right Livelihood Award 40 Years, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok / Wongsanit Ashram, Nakhon Nayok, Thailand, 20-22 February 2020

Education for Right Livelihood: Connecting Activism and Academia

It is vitally important to alert all Earth citizens to their responsibilities as trustees for current and future generations of life on our planet home. Education for Earth Citizenship is necessary for all people of all cultures and religions, across all generations. This aspect tends to be neglected in educational curricula throughout the world.

Trusteeship implies protection and care of the commons, the environment, conservation of the rights and interests of future generations, protection of our cultural heritage, the protection of human rights and dignity worldwide.

An inter-generational, inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural approach needs to be inspired with the thought that every individual can make some contribution to this cause, through Right Livelihood: ethical living to achieve Earth Democracy.

False ideas of ownership of natural resources as opposed to the Principles of Earth Trusteeship; individual rights as opposed to community rights, social duties, and trusteeship of the commons; present profit at the cost of future damage - all these tend to dominate modern society.

It is vitally important to take educational measures on Earth Trusteeship, including strengthening and spreading learning centres, widely organized through the support of Right Livelihood Laureates and others. We can correct the negative trends and make a lasting, transformative contribution worldwide to develop a shared global Right Livelihood consciousness through Principles of Earth Trusteeship leading to the preservation of our humanity and our planet.





I commit to support in furthering the objectives set out under the

Declaration on Education for Earth Trusteeship:

Wongsanit Ashram, 22 February  2020


Vandana Shiva, India

Right Livelihood Award (RLA) 1993

Nnimmo Bassey, Nigeria

RLA 2010; Right Livelihood College (RLC), campus Port Harcour

Raùl Montenegro, Argentina

RLA 2004; RLC campus Córdoba

Mona Abouleish Lenzen, and Andreas Lenzen, Egypt / Germany

Representing SEKEM / Ibrahim Abouleish, 2003

Rosana Fernandes, Brazil (and Claudia Jardimm, translator, based in Bangkok)

Representing Landless Workers’ Movement, MST, 1991

Ryoko Shimizu, Japan 

Representing Seikatsu Consumers Cooperative (SCCC), RLA 1989

Neshan Gunasekera, Sri Lanka

Legacy Holder, Judge C.G. Weeramantry, RLA 2007

Caitlin Stronell, Japan / Australia

Representing Jinzaburo Takagi, Japan, RLA 1997; Citizen’s Nuclear Information Centre

Victor Karunan, Thailand/India

Representing Anwar Fazal, Malaysia,  RLA 1982; RLC campus Bangkok

Wallapa and Hans van Willenswaard, Thailand / the Netherlands

Representing Sulak Sivaraksa, RLA 1995; RLC campus Bangkok

Monika Griefahn, Germany

Vice Chair, Right Livelihood Foundation

Ellen Chistoforatou, Germany

University of Kassel, Center for Teacher Education

Stina Thanner, Sweden

Right Livelihood Foundation

Emoke Debiak, based in Geneva

Right Livelihood Foundation

Manu Krishan,

Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty Coordinator

Chris Benner, USA

RLC campus Santa Cruz

David Shaw, USA

RLC campus Santa Cruz

Narumon Paiboonsittikun

RLC campus Bangkok; Towards Organic Asia (TOA)

Kanyanat Lertkhonsan

RLC campus Bangkok, School for Wellbeing

Sophea Kuch, Cambodia


Elisa Gentilt, France

School for Wellbeing / RLC Bangkok, intern

Nguyet Doan, Vietnam


Le Nguyen, Vietnam


Thien Quach, Vietnam